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  • The past and present we never talk about
    Laurel k.Hamilton once said that there are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. As I think of this more I realise the pain I personal had to go through and how sometimes it took a lot to realise I actually had trauma from thoseContinue reading “The past and present we never talk about”
  • Toxicity
    This generation is always looking for who is toxic and who is not.It is like everywhere I go I hear the word toxic.Don’t get me wrong it is okay to be able to identify toxic energy and run from it .But have we thought of our toxic traits.Sometimes the other person may become toxic dueContinue reading “Toxicity”
  • Mental health
    Most of us have heard of the phrase everyone is broken but others are good at hiding it.What I have never understood is why we all have to be broken but one thing am sure of is that someone’s pain is never bigger than the other’s pain because however small a situation is pain isContinue reading “Mental health”
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